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UI-WebServer is a simple plug-in web server for UI-View32. It will dynamically serve a selection of pages created from the data in UI-View32. The pages currently available are -

  • index.html (or allrf.html) - a list of all the stations heard on RF
  • wxrf.html - a list of all the WX stations heard on RF
  • mobilesrf.html - a list of all the mobile stations heard on RF
  • bulletins.html - a list of bulletins
  • all.html - a list of all stations heard
  • wxall.html - a list of all WX stations heard
  • mobilesall.html - a list of all mobiles stations heard
  • find.cgi?call=callsign - information for callsign

The dynamic pages use templates, so the user can make them as pretty or as simple as they wish, including using graphics.

Besides serving dynamic pages, UI-WebServer can also serve other pages that you may wish to make available. For example, this page is made available simply by putting it in UI-WebServer's HTML folder, and adding a link to it to the other pages.

This not for profit website is hosted courtesy of VK4ZZ.NO-IP.ORG
on a computer in Vincent, a suburb of Townsville Australia,
utilising the Roger Barker G4IDE (sk) uiVIEW32 Web Server application.
Contents of this page can be used freely for non-pecuniary purposes.
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